What do you need to know to ask for your new propeller?

  1. 1If you want another propeller the same as the one you have, you must tell us the fill in the form, or send the old propeller as sample.
  2. 2 numero de referencia If the propeller has been made by us, you will find a REFERENCE NUMBER, on the nucleus, between the blades, that corresponds to our FABRICATION DATA, with all the technical specifications, machining, application, etc.

  3. 3 If you want to order a propeller and you know the specifications, take a look at our on-line catalogue. Use the information that we provide for each propeller, pilot bore, reference or tell us the measures to machine taper and keyway.
  4. 4If you need a new propeller and you are not sure of the one you need, fill in the propeller analysis form , and we will study the propeller that best suits your boat.