Materials and control

Carbon Stainless Steel
  Elasticity LimitKg. x mm2 Breaking loadKg. x mm2 Elongation% HardnessHB Applications to:
F-114 / F-5 35/45 60/80 15/20 180/250 Couplings and small pieces that need high strength.
F-112 / F-3 25/35 45/55 25/30 130/180 Intermediate shafts and pieces for continuous stress normal levels.
Other Materials
  Applications to:
JLST Rubber bearings, with brass or phenolic cover, lubricated with seawater, for flexible and rigid sterntubes.
DRST Sinthetic material for dual shaft seal lubricated with seawater
Other Alloys and Strengths
Optionally, and upon request, we can supply propellers, shafts, brackets, rudders, etc. made in other alloys and strenghts.

Control and certificates of approval from Classification Institutes.

We make quality and strength laboratory controls of the materials (bronze and stainless steel) used in the manufacture of propellers and shafts. Also, if required before casting and machining, we can make the corresponding laboratory assays in order to pass the controls of the main approval organizations (I.B., LLOYD'S REGISTRE, BUREAU VERITAS; etc.).